How much is too much?

I am feeling good. I have nearly – and by nearly I mean there are less than 10,000 words left – nearly finished the first draft of my first full length novel. It is a project I have been working on since January and I love it very much but boy will I be relieved when I can print out the whole darn thing. Yes, I then have the very long and painful processing of rewriting and editing but that seems like a real breeze compared to getting the words out in the first place. So what am I doing? Not writing, no. Planning my next few projects.

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Frozen in fear

I am literally afraid of my own words. For eight months now I have been writing a novel which I already love, which I believe in and which, every time I explain the premise, is met with expressions of ‘cool’ and ‘that sounds awesome’. I have already written over 40,000 words of said book. But now I am afraid.

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The Strangeness of Research

I’m usually pretty good at inspiring myself when it comes to writing new things.  I’ll scour favourite sites for articles, pictures or stories that are interesting to me.  Some, such as Stumbleupon, will link me to wonderful posts or pictures that immediately bring stories or poems that flow straight onto the page.  Twitter is always a personal favourite, not only because I follow several newspapers and magazines, but the other authors on there often link to fun and interesting material that can spark an idea.

My latest piece of inspiration came from, of all sites, Facebook.  One friend posted a link on another friend’s page which intrigued me.  It was titled The Dystopian Timeline to The Hunger Games. Now I am a huge Hunger Games fan so immediately headed over to the page.  And it was not quite what I expected.  On this page it charted the rise of the distopian novel through the last century and what trends followed its rise and fall. Continue reading


My aim this summer was to make sure I keep up my writing and not get back to uni in September and realise I hadn’t written a word for three months.  Thankfully I am managing to do this.  However, I am doing this in my usual style of taking on a million projects at the same time.  So here I shall share them with you.

Camp NaNoWriMoNaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is an event that happens every November where you aim to write a 50,000 word novel in 31 days.  It’s very intense, incredibly hard work but ultimately so rewarding.  There is a huge amount of support from other participants and the people who run the event.  They also run two ‘camps’, one in April and one in July.  I just missed taking part last November so am happily taking part this month and hoping to finish my first novel!

Full length play – I have also started writing my first full length play.  I have written several short plays which I really enjoyed and have had some good feedback from people.  I thought I would challenge myself a little further by extending my word count.  I didn’t realise how much harder it would be and am currently sat at the end of act one wondering how to proceed.

Short play – I also started a short play which is very different from my usual style.  I am a very naturalistic writer normally but this is much more absurd, physical piece.  I’m surprising myself with how the piece is coming along.  I have never been a fan of writers like Beckett, despite my best efforts to appreciate their work, but this piece is turning out much like Krapp’s Last Tape.  I’m intrigued to see how it ends.

For 30 days I will… – My second blog is challenging me every day to be creative and write something new.  My current challenge is to write a poem every day which started our pretty easy.  However, writing a poem alongside everything else is proving more difficult than I thought it would be.

So juggling everything together is proving to be harder than I thought but I know that when the end of the summer comes around I’ll be so happy with all I’ve achieved.