Jane Austen’s Persistence in our Memory

Jane Austen is, without debate, one of the greatest British writers to have ever lived. Her novels have been read, studied and enjoyed the world over for a hundred years and are still being read and loved by millions. Personally I received my first Austen, a hard cover complete works, at the age of eleven from my year 6 teacher. I still remember he said it would only be a few years until I was ready for them. With more and more books being turned into movies Austin is still being adapted today, into films and television programmes across the world. She is a wonderfully strong role model, not just for women but for writers as a whole. She has also been honoured with a place on our currency (but don’t get me started on that, that’s a topic for another post).

Yet I am still baffled by the importance placed on one piece of jewellery owned by Austen that recently was put up for auction. The ring, which has been in Austen’s family since the writer passed it to her sister, was put up for auction, upon which American singer Kelly Clarkson bid and eventually won. With no arguments from any of the family or anyone in the auction house. Which is when the government got involved.
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