Fantastic Beasts – who’s excited?

Today I’m after your opinions!  I am in the process of writing an article about Harry Potter fans and whether or not they are excited about the new ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ movie.  Now personally, I’m really looking forward to it and am excited about seeing the wizarding world before it went really bad.  But I am only one person, and ‘fans’ is definitely a plural.

So I ask you all, readers and Potterheads, what are your thoughts?  Are you dancing for joy in your Gryfinndor pyjamas at the prospect of more Potter, or would you rather the whole magical mess be put to rest?

Please post your thoughts, comments, musings below and let me know exactly how you’re feeling.


Harry Potter’s effect on education

Final year of university is definitely upon me.  The late nights have begun, the panic has set in and, true to student style, rather than confront my workload I am avoiding it.  With Harry Potter.

Like most people my age, Potter was a massive part of growing up.  With each new step at school I was accompanied with Harry’s steps into the wizarding world.  I had a new head teacher, he had a new defence against the dark arts teacher.  I got a new pet hamster, Hermione treated herself to a cat.  I was faced with my GCSEs, Harry was cramming for his OWLs.  And so my life continued.  And seemed dull in comparison.

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