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On giving feedback

It’s nearing deadline time at university, and both my housemates and I are frantically writing words, swapping essays and proofreading each other’s work. We are a house that is writing a lot of words – there are six of us, four of which are writing dissertations and four of which have a 5,000 word creative writing project. I’m doing both (glutton for punishment) and am so grateful for the feedback being given to me by my friends. I thought I would share some tips and advice for any of you who do this on a regular basis for friends.

Firstly, check how much feedback they want

My first question is always ‘how harsh am I being?’ Sometimes we send first drafts to each other, in which case it’s more about clarity of argument or continuity issues. Other times it’s a pre-final draft and it’s ├╝ber red pen time. It’s important to ask this question because there’s nothing more disheartening than getting a page of red pen back on things you already know will be wrong. It takes seconds to ask and will save a lot of fall outs.

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