The Power of Music

University is hard! Everyone told me. They warned me that third year steps up a notch and you won’t realise it until you get there. I took it all with a grateful smile and a roll of the eyes.

I’m sorry.

You all tried to warn me.  You tried to tell me to prepare, to plan ahead and focus on it one day at a time.  Well, I’m not. Not even a little bit. I am panicking and taking on too many things and worrying and making myself severely stressed out.  Tonight was just an awful example.

I got home and my light bulb had gone.  I had to walk down the road to pick up my lamp from a friend’s house – who was his usual charming self and made me smile a little.  I got home, plugged in said lamp and sat down to work.  Then the internet crashed.  That was all I needed.

Now I know these sound like silly, trivial moments – and they are – but you’ve all been there.  You’ve not been in the best of moods for whatever reason, then one tiny thing goes wrong and it tips you over the edge into completely unreasonable. you know you’re being mad or crazy but it doesn’t matter, you’re in a bad mood now and there ain’t nothing gonna make you feel better… Or is there?

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