The Perfect Day Off

My perfect day off (PDO) begins with coffee. Many of my days do, but my perfect one starts with a tall caramel macchiato from Starbucks, with a couple of sugars and a smile. All days should start with a smile. Not from me – I am very far from being a morning person – but from someone, preferably a special someone who has brought the coffee. The PDO will then move downstairs to breakfast. This is nothing fancy, perhaps smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Maybe in a bagel.

A PDO does not consist of sitting in front of the TV ‘relaxing’. It means sunshine and a light breeze, the perfect weather that allows hiking. My PDO would be setting off from the house with a dog – I don’t have one, so I would possibly borrow next doors – and with my Bearded One and going hiking. Nothing too hard or high, just something that works up a sweat. Maybe Harter Fell as it’s so near and not too steep.

After a casual climb to the top and a mug of tea at the summit we would walk back down and stop in one of the many pubs for a good lunch. No chips, I’m really not a fan of them, but something chickeny with a creamy sauce and a decadent pudding – after all, we’ve walked all that way.

The afternoon would be spent back at home, cooking dinner and probably doing some baking at the same time. I love baking, especially for other people, so when it was finished I would probably take the majority of the tasty sweet things I had created into work for them to enjoy. The men (drivers, volunteers and station staff) really do like their cake, so it’s always very gratefully received.

My PDO would end with a quiet dinner, just me and Bearded, before curling up on the sofa with a bottle of wine to watch a movie. I do like our evenings in when we just cuddle up and do not very much. I can’t do it all day, but of an evening it’s pretty nice.

What does your perfect day entail? Is it all go, or nice and relaxed? Feel free to share below.


One thought on “The Perfect Day Off

  1. I’ve just come back from Disneyland Paris so my perfect day would be spent with Olaf, relaxing on a beach doing whatever snow does in summertime.

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