Hanx Writer app review

I love my iPad. I am a self-confessed Apple addict. I have the whole set – iPhone, iPad and MacBook. I love them all, but my iPad has by far been one of the best investments ever. I take it almost everywhere with me, and thanks to its connectivity with the rest of the Apple family, it synchs up beautifully to allow me to work on it and edit from elsewhere.

But it’s less than personal. The word processing program, like all word processing programs, is all white and dull and so many buttons and options. I miss the good old days of pen and ink, when there were no distractions except your own imagination.But I have just discovered the most beautiful of apps.

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The Perfect Day Off

My perfect day off (PDO) begins with coffee. Many of my days do, but my perfect one starts with a tall caramel macchiato from Starbucks, with a couple of sugars and a smile. All days should start with a smile. Not from me – I am very far from being a morning person – but from someone, preferably a special someone who has brought the coffee. The PDO will then move downstairs to breakfast. This is nothing fancy, perhaps smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Maybe in a bagel.

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