Reading for fun

Boy how I have missed it! For three long years even the thought of reading for fun was greeted with ‘what? Are you kidding?’ by both me and the people I spent most of my time with. But now I can. Except I haven’t been because work and life and every other distraction. Until now.

I have had four glorious days off work for no reason other than the fact I’ve been working a lot of overtime and it’s been peak season at the railway. So I treated myself on these golden days and downloaded some new titles and had the time of my life doing nothing but lying on the sofa devouring titles. And I’m going to share them with you now.

First on my list was something I have read before, something I consumed in one sitting first time round and knew would do the same again. The Fault in Our Stars is no less heart-breaking and tender second time around. I won’t say too much because I would hate to spoil it, but it’s a beautiful cancer book that isn’t about cancer. The characters are immediately people you care for but don’t pity, the situations they are in are believable but not (thankfully for me) real, and the writing is exquisite. I feel the need to download and read all of John Green’s work but I fear it will not live up to the beauty that is this singular work of – I hate to say perfection but hell – perfection. Basically, read it. Before you watch the movie!!

Next I went searching for a good old fashioned horror. I was after something along the lines of Richard Matheson or Stephen King, but instead I found Multiversum by Leonardo Patrignani. Multiversum is much more of a young adult sci-fi than a horror but the description captured me immediately. Even though I had just emerged from TFIOS I had forgotten what it felt like to get absorbed in a book. I mean absorbed like ‘I’ll cook dinner in ten minutes, just as soon as I find out how this turns out’. The kind of absorbed where dinner turns out being an hour later than you’d anticipated because you just had to finish the chapter. And the next one. And the next one. Though I was a little disappointed with the ending, but for the bargain price of £1.23 one cannot complain. Several hours of complete enjoyment.

The next on my list is currently in progress – The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. I finally found the horror I was looking for in the last book. I’m reading it on the recommendation of a Stumbleupon page I found so I’m reserving judgement for now. The novels on the list that I have already read were pretty good so I have high hopes. I’ll report my findings as soon as it’s finished. Which will take a while, seeing as how I’m back at work now.

Do you have any book recommendations – contemporary or classic – that you have loved and feel the need to pass on? I’m always looking for more books for the ‘to read’ pile.


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