How much is too much?

I am feeling good. I have nearly – and by nearly I mean there are less than 10,000 words left – nearly finished the first draft of my first full length novel. It is a project I have been working on since January and I love it very much but boy will I be relieved when I can print out the whole darn thing. Yes, I then have the very long and painful processing of rewriting and editing but that seems like a real breeze compared to getting the words out in the first place. So what am I doing? Not writing, no. Planning my next few projects.

Now you’ll have heard me talking about NaNoWriMo many times before now. Well it’s almost that time again. And through the course of this year I have written several short stories for various competitions all set in the same place with the same character. It’s developed a little further with each snippet I’ve written so this year I’ve decided to start NaNoWriMo with a fully formed, fairly well-planned idea. This is very new for me. I normally dive in with one character and a meagre situation and promptly fail from there. I’m hoping that with almost a month’s planning already done it will make the whole process much easier and will enable me to actually hit the 50k mark. I hope.

But I’ve also got last years NaNo project which I haven’t given up on yet. It’s weak and has a poor structure and the characters are a bit meh, but I know with work it can be a great novel. The concept is good – even my brother likes the sound of it so that’s something. I do know, however, that this one needs serious work, maybe starting again and scrapping some things, but it’s definitely not something I’m willing to give up on.

There’s also this blog. I’m trying very hard to keep up with it but wow can it be hard to think of stuff to write every week! The thing about this blog is it’s supposed to be fun so I’m not willing to force myself to sit down every other day if it’s going to turn into a trial. I did the thing where every time I had a day off I would write a post and it just started being work and I stopped enjoying it. So I’m writing when I feel like it and when I actually have something to say.

I’m just noticing how hard it is to be a creative in a non-creative job that is exhausting. I am grateful for everything I have – a job, a lovely house, a great boyfriend and wonderful friends – but I’m also more and more realising how much hard work keeping your life balanced is.

It’s also flipping warm at the moment (surprisingly for the north in September) so all I want to do is relax on the beach and read books on my days off. The sacrifices one must make for their passions!

Anyway, enough of a moan from me. Here’s a hilarious video of Tom Hiddleston teaching the Cookie Monster about patience. Enjoy.


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