Dedicated writing space

So it’s been three months since I moved up north (blimey doesn’t time fly) and today, finally, the big day has arrived. The day I have waited for since seeing the house and realising it would be my home for the foreseeable future.

My office has furniture in!

2014-08-27 15.05.15

Now I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I am really rather adept at procrastinating. I think it comes from doing a degree. By the end of the three years you can find an excuse not to do just about anything. And I’ve had a perfect one for not doing any writing work for the last few months – I’ve had nowhere to work.

To be honest, it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. I felt guilty, I had word counts hanging over my head and my unfinished manuscript kept wailing at me from its bag in the corner (which is where my ‘office’ has been cooped up all these weeks). So today I said enough is enough and went shopping. And my goodness, it was both easy and cheap.

I shunned the usual places I would buy furniture and headed for the British Heart Foundation furniture store just down the road in Whitehaven. Found the desk and chair, super cheap to begin with and even more of a bargain thanks to the sale, had three lovely gentleman help me load the loot in the car, and was on my way again in fifteen minutes.

It took considerably longer to get the room into any kind of order thanks to the numerous bags and boxes where everything was stored, but it’s finally together now and I have my space back. Straight away I’m writing this blog post, after which I WILL crack on with my novel. It has, after all, been horribly neglected.

Do you need a dedicated work space? Or can you set up shop and scribble anywhere?


2 thoughts on “Dedicated writing space

  1. Fabulous piece of writing. Loving the desk and chair. xxx

  2. Having two kiddos under the age of two, working from home most of the time anyway, I find it nearly impossible to have a dedicated place for my craft. My passion is squirreled away in desk drawers and closets while my husband’s hobby is proudly on display for all who enter the house. It’s not sad for me really since I am more of an introvert about my writing and I don’t want anyone to ask the status of my work, but my shyness of it contributes to its neglect. You are absolutely right: I do need to have a space of my own to “crack on” with my writing. Thanks for the inspirational snippet!

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