The end is nigh

I’m not quite sure how it has come about, but in a little over 7 days I will have completed all my classes, submitted all of my coursework and will essentially be finished with my undergraduate university career. Wowzer.

It’s been a lot of hard work. Some moments have been downright awful, some have been fantastic and every one has been new to me. Right now I am looking forward to a few days with nothing to worry about. In the last three weeks I have handed in 8,000 words and have another 12,000 due before the week is out. These last few deadlines have been the hardest of them all, not necessarily because they have been more complex (though they have), but mainly because I am so tired.

Recently it has felt relentless. No sooner has one submission gone in that another has been imminently due. I consider myself luckier than most as I don’t have any exams to worry about, but the downside of that has been 20,000 words in a month.

I’m looking forward to the end for a number of reasons, some of which I’ll list below.

1) I’m tired. I can’t wait for a few days of sleeping, lounging around in my pjs and catching up on some movies that have been on my ‘to watch’ list for a very long time. Lazy and perhaps a little selfish, but a reason nonetheless.

2) I’m ready to be a grown up again. I’m glad I waited a few years before I came to uni. Being a ‘mature’ student has meant that I know what my focus is and I haven’t been concerned with being at every party, socialising at every opportunity. Sadly it has meant that I have missed the freedom and pleasure a regular wage can bring. Again shallow and this time materialistic but true.

3) I miss the Bearded One. Almost two years of long distance it’s really starting to wear thin. Plus he’s moved into our new house in the beautiful lake district and I want to be there!

4) I want to do something with everything I’ve learned. I have improved my skills in so many ways, learnt so much about myself and what I can do and I want to get out there and put everything into action. I think I can be really good at whatever it is I want to do and I want to get out there!

As mentioned already, only a week and all of this will become all too real and I will no doubt be wishing for my student life again. But that’s a whole week away. Feels like a lifetime right now…

Many apologies for any typos, nonsense or rubbish in the body of this post. As stated in point one, I am tired. Be gentle with me.


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