Book Break

In a recent issue of Writers’ Forum (my most favourite magazine in all the world) there was mention of a new online book show all about…well, books. It’s broadcast as live and also is on YouTube so I thought I would pop on over and have a look. I’m a little late to the party – it was filmed in February – but I’m really glad I had a look. It’s only half an hour long and really was very enjoyable.

The three guests are authors I am unfamiliar with but am really keen to check out some of their books now, having seen them talk about them so passionately. First up was Naomi Wood, author of The Golden Boys and the new novel Mrs Hemingway (an extract from which can be read on her website). Also on the show was Christmas at Claridges author Karen Swan and food journalist and writer Louise Johncox.

While the three writers focus on completely different subjects, the atmosphere of the program was so relaxed it was just like a group of women getting together over coffee and talking about books. The questions asked were really good but also very organic – at no point was the conversation forced or stilted. The most wonderful thing was how host Alex Hamondsley kept going off topic and having to bring herself back to the point. A sure sign of having a great time.

There was something for the guys too, as they went into crime writer Peter James’ writing space and found out a little about his habits. I like the sound of him actually – he starts work at seven pm with a cigarette and a vodka martini.

A section on books we are looking forward to this year followed, with members of Pan Macmillan staff recommending their favourite books for 2014. The range was so varied, from horror to romance to historical fiction. I’m going to have to rewatch that section myself because there are at least five books I need to get my hands on.

A quick-fire section completed the show, with Me and Mr Jones author Lucy Diamond facing the likes of ‘what’s your favourite book of all time’ and ‘which authors inspire you’. Again a really personable interview and some interesting answers.

I’m going to be keeping my eye on this and hopefully hunting down the next episode in the next few days. Sadly it is only monthly but there is a ‘pitch your book to our guests’ competition which I will be looking into shortly. All in all it’s well worth a watch on your lunch break or during a cup of coffee one evening. If nothing else it will leave you with some good book recommendations.


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