On the Oscars

Yes I know, it’s everywhere today. No matter where you look there will comments about Leo missing out yet again, how obvious it was that 12 Years a Slave would get Best Picture, or THAT selfie. So I thought I would share my views.

First of all, I must tell you that I think very little of award ceremonies. Whether it’s for film, television or books, I can recognise that something has won an award but that holds very little weight with me. I’m a judge-it-for-myself kind of person. I am that annoying person that avoids something because everyone says I HAVE to see it. So I didn’t watch the award ceremony last night, but I did go online as soon as I woke up to find out the winners. And I was so happy with what I saw.

Image courtesy of @TheEllenShow

Image courtesy of @TheEllenShow

This picture! How cool is this picture. Yes, I know it’s not soldiers fighting on the front line people protesting for equal rights of any of the multitude of things we should be getting out there, but it is a slice of life. It is one woman’s genuine love of her job and, let’s be honest, if you were surrounded by all of those amazing people wouldn’t you take an epic selfie too?

I know they are ‘only actors’, but they are also people having a great time at a pretty spectacular event. So they’re not making any kind of political point or sharing a great message. Except to love life and enjoy spending time with your friends. 

Anyway, onto the awards themselves. Nothing particularly shocking. I’m glad but not surprised both McConaughey and Leto won Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor respectively for Dallas Buyers Club. Such hard-hitting subject matter, when presented as well as it was, deserves great recognition. And Leto’s acceptance speech was the perfect conclusion.

I did avoid Gravity at the cinema when it was released, but I heard many things about the cinematography that were confirmed last night. Seven awards says a lot (even to a non-believer like me) and I just know if I were to watch it on my small screen at home it wouldn’t compare. Still, many congrats to Mr Cuaron and his crew.

As for the biggie, well, I watched 12 Years a Slave and was completely unmoved by it. I thought it was flat, poorly structured and was so morose all the way through that the impact towards the end was lost. Chiwetel Ejiofer acted well throughout, and Lupita Nyong’o was well deserved in her Best Supporting Actress Award. I may be alone in this and so be it if I am, but I would have preferred a number of the other nominations to have been chosen over it.

So another Academy Awards has passed and that’s it until next year. What are your thoughts on the winners and nominees? How do you feel about Ellen’s “epic” selfie? Feel free to comment below with your thoughts.


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