The Spirit of Love

*** WARNING – This piece includes some nude photographs ***

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to In Between Time’s latest production at the Arnolfini. ‘Spirit’ was performed and created by Florentina Holzinger and Vincent Riebeek and moved me so many ways at once. Described as ‘an ode to spiritual life’ it was thought provoking, adventurous and at times absolutely hilarious.


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IBiS Lit Badges

What on earth, I hear you say. What is an IBiS Lit Badge and how do I get one? Well let me explain.

IBiS is a fabulous blog written by¬†associate literary agent Maria Vicente. I discovered this in the early days of January when I was trawling the internet looking at new years resolution ideas. This is my favourite and is something I am very very slowly working my way through. The idea of the Lit badges is to get you to read a variety of things you wouldn’t normally choose, to broaden your literary horizons as it were. There are 24 badges to aim for and you have the whole year to get through them. That’s only 2 a month which I think is more than achievable. So which have I got so far?

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