Finding Inspiration Where You Can

This week is my reading week at university. For most this means focusing on your upcoming assessment, maybe going home for a few days and generally taking a chance to recharge your batteries a little. But not me. Oh no. I decide to tech one show, rehearse for another, do my coursework, write blog posts and continue to write a novel. I did take the week off work though. That’s something.

Thanks to this rather hectic schedule I have been writing wherever and whenever I have had the chance. Some things are more well formed than others, some things are snippets that (I hope) will lead to bigger and greater things. When you’re as busy as I am at the moment you can’t question it when something comes to you. You have to just grab a pen and paper (or napkin, or ipad, or phone) and write it while it’s there. Sometimes it’s golden, some times it’s less so.

One little snippet came to me tonight while I was waiting for the show to begin and before the button pressing went all wrong (teching can be pretty scary when the technology decides not to do what you tell it). This is currently untitled and unfinished, but I hope you enjoy.

On a Sunday night they fled
Into the darkness like a startled cat
Away from the fear and the pain
And the theatre of no tomorrow
It wasn’t as if they’d planned it
The were woken by the sound of shots
From the flat downstairs
They heard nothing after
So they ran
Away from fear
Toward new hope
That would only last as long
As they searched for it




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