Harry Potter’s effect on education

Final year of university is definitely upon me.  The late nights have begun, the panic has set in and, true to student style, rather than confront my workload I am avoiding it.  With Harry Potter.

Like most people my age, Potter was a massive part of growing up.  With each new step at school I was accompanied with Harry’s steps into the wizarding world.  I had a new head teacher, he had a new defence against the dark arts teacher.  I got a new pet hamster, Hermione treated herself to a cat.  I was faced with my GCSEs, Harry was cramming for his OWLs.  And so my life continued.  And seemed dull in comparison.

While I was out purchasing copies of Macbeth and Lord of the Flies, Harry and co. were looking through their editions of Hogwarts: A History, or better still Gilderoy Lockhart’s Travels With Trolls.  Nothing better than fictional textbooks being more interesting than ‘the most important exams you’ll ever take’.

Don’t get me wrong, this is no bad thing!  Any book that gets children reading is good by me.  Especially if it makes them beg for more.  I can’t think of any other series in recent years, or perhaps ever, that not only released seven books in the series but also two other books completely unrelated to the key characters.  The release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Quidditch Through The Ages was a joy for any Potter fan keen to learn more about the world they had, for the most part, grown up in.  I had as much affection for Dumbledore as I did my own headmaster, though mine had a much less impressive beard.  I didn’t want a puppy any more, I wanted a hippogriff.


The last film for so many people, myself included, was truly the end of an era.  Not only had the books kept us company throughout our childhoods, but we had shared our adolescence with the characters on the big screen as well.  Rupert Grint is the same age as me, and I think it was this that made me feel so strongly for Ron throughout.  When he finally got the girl, well, let’s just say I was more than a little jealous!

You can imagine my joy at the announcement last month of a new instalment in the franchise!  Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be made into a film, maybe more than one, and will follow the adventures of fictional magizoologist Newt Scamander.  I await eagerly to find out who will play him, and will admit I have read the Wiki article more than once to try and keep up to date with any developments.  Keep following to find out more – I will share what I know when I know it!


One thought on “Harry Potter’s effect on education

  1. These books have really had an impact on a lot of us!


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