India – a poem


I rest
I jest
Gazing in disdain at the rain falling on the other side of the grimy window pane

I sleep
No peep
Still but for the twitching of my ears as I sense the subtle whispers of your dinner being prepared

I wake
I ache
So pained from my awful day of lazing in the sunshine on this dusty Tuesday afternoon

I miss you
I kiss you
So alone, I curl up in your warmth and need you to love me, to pull me from this sad, sad mood

I stare
I care
Not for your day or the things you have seen out there but for the can in your hand

I eat
I eat
You move but I don’t see
You talk but I don’t hear
You touch but I don’t feel

I rest


2013-09-03 22.04.20


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