Freshers, final year and performing poetry

University is back on!  Last week was my last freshers as an undergrad (I would imagine as a university student generally but I don’t like endings) and I actually managed to remember to not book myself in work so I could enjoy it.  I managed to make it to four  – count ’em, FOUR – separate events this time, an all time high in my three years.  They were all most enjoyable and we seem to have a very lively, friendly group of freshers this year.



First event was live music, where we had a couple of different bands come in and perform in our little SU bar.  It was a lovely pub atmosphere and we could just sit and enjoy the music and have a laugh and a giggle and catch up with those people we hadn’t seen for three months over the summer.

Others events organised this week were our weekly quiz night, which we came third at.  Not that impressive when you consider it was written by one of our housemates and we got some questions about her wrong!  But an enjoyable time none the less.  Not as fun as casino night, during which we were allowed to gamble fake money on roulette and blackjack tables.  I am not a lucky person and so lost my money quite quickly but it was still fun.  Especially when one of the girls won at odds of 35-1 when she put a bet on a random single number.  The look on all the boys faces was wonderful.

However, the highlight for me was probably the open mic night.  I am based on a creative campus which includes english, drama, film and history students.  We have our own english society and live music society and together these groups run weekly open mic nights which are open to absolutely everyone to contribute.  I was persuaded, for only the second time, to take to the mic and read some poetry.  Both pieces were brand new but thankfully well received (you can listen to them here if you so desire).  Not only that, but the next night I was approached by a student I had never met before who complimented me on my work and hoped I would perform again.  Ego boost!  Is this what it feels like to be famous?  It was the best feeling I think I’ve ever had, and you just try and keep me away from that mic next week!


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