Summer holidays can’t last forever (sadly)

The student that I am had such high hopes for this summer – get a job nice and quickly, work lots then have plenty of money for travels and shopping.  But of course that didn’t happen.  I got all the jobs in the last couple of weeks plus lots of shifts at the theatre so haven’t had any money until now.  Which meant that last week I was able to take some well deserved time off and head up north to see the Bearded One and chill out before my final year at uni begins.

Rufford Old Hall, Preston

Rufford Old Hall, Ormskirk

The joy of being up there is I’m allowed to laze in bed for a few days before we start doing things and going places.  As the weather was absolutely gorgeous we were able to go outside and be very cultural, visiting several national trust sites and admiring the stately homes (as well as imagining getting married in the great hall – so tempting but so tiny).  Pictured above is Rufford Old Hall in Ormskirk, one of our many daytrips.   But the holiday proper started when we headed even further north to Cumbria and the tiny village of Ravenglass.

Photo 24-08-2013 20 26 29

Ravenglass beach at sunset

The Bearded One visits regularly and often goes up exclusively to volunteer at the Ravenglass and Eskdale Steam Railway which runs from the village for seven miles to Dalegarth and the highest mountains in England.  The route is beautiful and thanks to the continuing sunshine we were able to ride in the open carriages up and down the line, enjoying one of the tastiest ice-creams I’ve possibly even eaten!

Northern Rock

Northern Rock at Ravenglass station

Day two of the getaway was a walk around Ennerdale Water with some friends.  Somehow the sun still shone and we enjoyed a clamber over the rocks, a picnic in the trees and pleasant company for several hours.  A pint in the local pub afterwards was most welcome after I walked in the most unprepared manner – no walking shoes, no rucksack and no waterproof coat.  Hooray for the sunshine and super-preprared boyfriend!

Ennerdale Water

Ennerdale Water

Sunday was spent on the railway again, taking several trips up and down the line enjoying a very hearty Sunday lunch in a local pub while we were there.

As a city girl, born and raised around Bristol, the strangest thing for me was the quiet.  There was no traffic in the evenings, we were free to walk in the middle of the road 90% of the time, and we could walk for several hours without seeing anyone.  In fact, we probably could have driven for several hours without seeing anyone on the right roads!  I may have finally been convinced that village life is not so bad.  At least I’d have no distractions from writing!


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