Being inspired by others

There are times when, despite all the work I seem to do on my writing or knitting or blogging, I feel like I could be doing more, and indeed should be doing more. Despite not showing this blog to any of my friends (I feel I should be able to get views without their help) I think I’m doing pretty well for views and likes on this blog. Still, I find myself unhappy with the amount of exposure I get.

Reading other people’s blogs can really help when I start to feel this way. This evening I’ve managed to find a great link on Victoria Grefer’s blog detailing her own thoughts on this very issue. Not only were her words helpful but so were some of the comments people put on the article.

Reading this has actually made me want to write more often. While I’m not working and until university starts again I will try and write more often. It’s always a struggle for me to write ‘article’ style posts rather than reviews or creative writing but this summer I have been aiming to improve my skills and this will be another way to do this.


One thought on “Being inspired by others

  1. aw, I’m so glad the post was helpful for you, Natasha! Best of luck branching out and growing 🙂

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