First shoot (in a long time…)

On Sunday I was lucky enough to be invited to the dress rehearsal of Makeshift Wings Theatre Company‘s dress rehearsal for their first ever production Connect Four.  The play is written by Amy Bethan Evans who is also the company’s producer and it is a wonderful play.  Audience feedback so far has been nothing but positive and press night was tonight so the reviews will be out soon as well!


©Natasha McGregor

I must extend my thanks once again to Amy and the company as a whole for letting me invade their last run before the doors opened!  It can be really difficult to get groups to agree to an amateur photographer with no real portfolio to come in and shot them, but hopefully they are happy with the shots I took and they can come in handy in the future for them.

Connect Four is running at the Bierkeller Theatre in Bristol until May 9th.  Makeshift wings can be found on Facebook or follow them on twitter @mshiftwings


Writing prompts

Everyone who writes has been there – you get so bogged down with life your brain turns to mush and you just can’t think of anything to write about, let alone anything interesting!  You write a paragraph or so and it goes nowhere.  It frustrates you, so you don’t bother and before you know it weeks have passed since you’ve put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard or however you work).

I’m exactly the same.  I can be more than useless.  Since I’ve started university, taking away what I’ve written for assignments, I have been a truly awful writer.  Until I got sick of it and did the old google trick – short story ideas.  It gave me this website.

This is by far one of the best websites I have found for writing prompts.  There are starting points like you wouldn’t believe – titles, characters, scenarios, images.  No matter what works for you there is an option for it on the site.  With my first prompt (a title – The Taste of Loneliness) I scribbled several pages and finished my first short story in months.  No it wasn’t very good and even with editing probably won’t go anywhere, but it made me write and that’s the important part.  So if you’re stuck, head over there and explore.  Who knows what you may come up with!