Recently I bought a rabbit.  For as long as I can remember there have always been animals around my (variety of) houses.  Whether it was a dog, a guinea pig, a gerbil or just some fish, there were always creatures around to play with and cuddle up with.

Now it happens at the moment that I am living in a student house with six other amazing girls.  We get on fantastically, we support each other in a way I never thought possible and we hang out a lot.  Nevertheless, a lot of us are used to having animals and the house still felt strangely empty.  So, for my birthday, I used the money given to me to purchase what I thought would be a nice chilled out, easy maintenance bunny.


Boy, was I wrong!

Never in a thousand years could I imagine such a little animal would have so much personality and mischief inside him!  Within days he was no longer the shy, cowering rabbit I bought but turned into a lightning bolt that would squeeze into the smallest corners and chew, well, anything!  It became a mission to bunny proof the room so that there was nothing he could nibble.  But it didn’t stop him chewing through cables, nibbling on furniture and pulling the wallpaper from the wall.

We’re still learning about each other.  He’s still not sure what he can chew, I’m still not completely certain how fast he can move.  But we’re a home now – he gets so much attention it’s unbelievable and we’re all happy to have a pet again.


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