Poetry – an acrostic

Recently I have been somewhat of a terrible writer. So today began my decision to write something every day. Today I chose something light and not to serious.

I was probably about ten years old the last time I attempted an acrostic, but they are such simple things to enjoy. Though not, as I remembered halfway through, quite so simple to write.

Poetry – An Acrostic

Poetry may fall, and trip, and stumble.
Only by starting will we see how it ends.
Ever attempted to put pen to paper,
To scribble, never knowing what the end piece will be?
Remark upon the world around you:
You’re a writer – go on and write!!



Recently I bought a rabbit.  For as long as I can remember there have always been animals around my (variety of) houses.  Whether it was a dog, a guinea pig, a gerbil or just some fish, there were always creatures around to play with and cuddle up with.

Now it happens at the moment that I am living in a student house with six other amazing girls.  We get on fantastically, we support each other in a way I never thought possible and we hang out a lot.  Nevertheless, a lot of us are used to having animals and the house still felt strangely empty.  So, for my birthday, I used the money given to me to purchase what I thought would be a nice chilled out, easy maintenance bunny.


Boy, was I wrong!

Never in a thousand years could I imagine such a little animal would have so much personality and mischief inside him!  Within days he was no longer the shy, cowering rabbit I bought but turned into a lightning bolt that would squeeze into the smallest corners and chew, well, anything!  It became a mission to bunny proof the room so that there was nothing he could nibble.  But it didn’t stop him chewing through cables, nibbling on furniture and pulling the wallpaper from the wall.

We’re still learning about each other.  He’s still not sure what he can chew, I’m still not completely certain how fast he can move.  But we’re a home now – he gets so much attention it’s unbelievable and we’re all happy to have a pet again.

A Summer’s Day

Breathing. Sighing. Talking. Laughing.

A summer breeze through the still bare trees.


Napping in the sun on a crowded green.


Kisses and hugs among nibbles and mugs.


Throwing and kicking and missing a ball.


Hoping. Wishing. Holding. Dreaming.

Watching from a distance while sitting in the centre.


Knowing that this day was unique in every way.


Photographs. A video. Building memories.


The first fun of the summer still to come.


Dancing. Hugging. Kissing. Sleeping.

The hold all wrong, to laughs instead of song.


Two arms, two souls, two hearts, connected.


They meet, they stay, meant to be this way.

Kissing. Sleeping.


I hate to start a new project on a negative note, but today I was angered and surprised by so many of my friends.  And it’s still the afternoon.

Only a few hours ago I read the sad news that Margaret Thatcher has passed away.  Truly a legendary figure in history.  Yes, she may have done some terrible things.  She was far from perfect and she made a lot of mistakes.  But by leading her country she also empowered a huge number of women to believe that they can achieve their goals.  More importantly, she was a human being – a mother, a daughter, a friend.

However, some people still think it’s ok to post hateful comments online stating how glad they are she is dead.  What surprises me is that the ones saying this are intelligent people who were barely even born when she was leading our country.  To these people I pose this question – how would you feel if it were your mother?  Your mother who led the country, who helped stop the Cold War, who freed the Falklands, and who people were expressing their joy at her passing?

As I was always taught – if you can’t think of anything nice to say, say nothing at all.

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (Photo credit: Wikipedia)